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Planning & Etiquette: Finding the Dress Q: DRESS SHOPPING: HOW MANY DRESSES IS TOO MANY? (HOW MANY DRESSES SHOULD I TRY ON?) A: The answer to this question is truly all about you. How many dresses do you want to try on? Don't ever allow a consultant, a friend, or a family member, to convince to you try on fewer (or more) dresses than you want! If your dress turns out to be the second gown you slip into, don't feel pressured to keep shopping! However, if you find yourself wondering if you'll ever find your perfect fit, don't worry. The dress for you is out there waiting, and you will find it. Q: WHY IS MY WEDDING DRESS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SIZE THAN MY NORMAL CLOTHES? A: Don't pay any attention to that wedding dress size! Bridal gowns run two to three sizes smaller than normal sizing, and this is no way indicative of you or your body. It's an industry standard. Make sure you focus on the way your gown looks and how beautiful you feel in it – not the number on the size chart. Q: WHO SHOULD I BRING WITH ME WHEN I GO DRESS SHOPPING? A: While Say Yes to the Dress might make it look like you need to bring a full entourage of your favorite people with you when you go dress shopping, let us assure you that more is not always merrier. Bringing a few people who you love and trust, and who you know will be both supportive and honest (both are important), is a good idea, but there's a good chance that getting too many opinions involved will only complicate your decision. Going to a salon by

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